The British Curriculum

When you’re in Montclair doing the town soccer legue and their motto is, “If you have fun, you won,” well, at the British School of Beijing i wouldn’t go by that.

At Bradford school at recess the aids are making us play tap football and if someone gets injured, it’s go straight to the nurse, no more football for a week. Well, if you went to BSB, it’s totally different. Me and my mates are playing full contact rugby, we are tackling each other and diving for the ball; sometimes a tutor (a teacher) will be refereeing a game and if you are down he will be barking at you yelling, “It’s legal and get your ass off the ground and keep playing!”

Our school uniform is a white button-down shirt a school tie, a sweater with the school insignia on it, a blazer with the insignia on it, a nice pair of trousers, and polished black leather shoes. And the thing is, that is what we are playing rugby in. One time a friend ripped his pants. I ripped my sweater. Another time a teen tried tackling someone, missed, and started crying. I walked him to the nurse.

Back to “If you had fun you won.” Well, that is definitely not true. We have 4 houses: the Romans, I’m in that house, the Normans, the Saxons, and the Vikings. There is a house cup like at Hogwarts and tutors and kids will get angry if they lose and olny 1 house will get a trophy — unlike town league soccer where every single palyer om every team gets a trophy. So BSB is a very athletic school.

On teachers, some are great and a few have a very rude sense of humor, they call a girl in my class “the girl with no brain.” A teacher calls me “sweaty boy” since I play a ton of sports. In Montclair, if they had that sense of humor they would probobly get sued. But some teachers are awesome.

If you think your child is having are hard time in school wait until you hear this: I am required to take 3 hours of intermidate Chinese, which is sometimes hard, plus 2 hours of French a week. If you think the punishments get bad at Bradford, wait until you hear this: if you are late, lunch time detention. If you are bad, after school detention. If you are very bad, weekend dentetion, or worse getting expelled.

10 comments on “The British Curriculum

  1. Deb says:

    He calls his friends ‘mates’! Love it. I’m going to show this to Jacob who will be thrilled not be playing rugby, I’m sure. But tell Kenny that the teachers at Glenfield are also a bit irreverent. I think it comes with the middle school territory. Wishing you all a Shana Tova! Can’t wait to hear how High Holidays are done in China.


  2. Aidan says:

    Kenny and Ethan–I really liked reading your blogs. See you on Skype! Love, Aidan

    (We have to set it up–Amy)


  3. kenny says:

    there is a big difference


  4. Jacob Rich says:

    Kenny. This is Jake R. from your old school. Are you having fun, if so you won. if not, you won anyway. This is an approved message from montclair.


  5. Just sounds like a normal British school to me!! love your blog enjoy your time!


  6. Aunt Amy says:

    Wow Kenny this is the perfect school for you!


  7. ethan says:

    Kenny and Ethan,

    Your school sounds very rough. I like reading about your adventures in China.

    Your friend, Ethan Ryder


  8. Allison says:

    Hey Kenny – it’s Ray! Sounds like SOME school you’re going to! Better than Mt. Hebron? We definitely don’t wear blazers to school.

    It also sounds like you’re having an interesting time. Miss you lots.


  9. Doris says:

    School, sports, travel all sound great! Love the pics Mom sends. Keep having a great time on this terrific yearlong adventure. Love you all and think of you very often.
    Aunt Doris


  10. Jacob L. says:

    It seems like you’re having fun, maybe not, I can’t tell :). But it certainly is a lot harsher than here. Also, hockey is starting, and everybody misses you on the ice (okay, only me). I hope you can be back for next season.


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