Western Things You Will See in China

By Kenny Coplan

You will find Coca-Cola in every restaurant. It’s a popular soda.

You will see a lot of KFCs. It’s cheaper. They have french fries, and they serve a little less food. And they also have pork on rice and some other Chinese things.

You will also find Sprite in every restaurant. I drink about a bottle every two days since it may not be healthier but it’s safer than the water and I’d rather be safe than sorry.

4 comments on “Western Things You Will See in China

  1. Geri says:

    Kenny – I loved seeing Western Things with Chinese characters. Also you look handsome in your school uniform. ;-))


  2. Beth Fuqua says:

    Wow, soda as the healthier beverage choice!


  3. i also get a kick out of seeing the chinese labels on familiar u.s. brand name products. have you tried any of the asian market pringles yet? or the oreo cookies? btw, loving all your family shots too. i’m so glad that you’re blogging about your adventure. 🙂


  4. Jake Rich says:

    You are lucky kenny. Can i move in with you? Adiós!


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