Lambie Goes to Shanghai

Lambie (Ethan’s favorite puppet, formely Kenny’s favorite puppet but we won’t discuss that) has been enjoying China. During this national holiday week commemorating the founding of the Republic, she took the bullet train to Shanghai. It went pretty fast, about 200 m.p.h. We’re pretty sure it used maglev (magnetic levitation–almost no-friction, using less energy, which Ethan studied for a Bradford Science Fair project) but Lambie has some questions as to whether every bullet is maglev, or whether it’s using maglev all the time. Lambie is looking into it.
Lambie enjoyed two of China’s most famous gardens, built by Ming dynasty officials who retired to Shanghai and Suzhou, another city an hour away: the Yuyuan in old Shanghai, and the Lingering Garden in Suzhou. They were similar, full of mazes made of rock. Lambie climbed around and noted the balance of four elements: rocks, plants, buildings and water.

Later Ethan and Kenny and I will write more about Shanghai. (Some French Concession architecture was sort of Parisian and the new skyscrapers in Pudong have fanciful Jetson’s flourishes. Nearby water towns, like Venice, had so much commerce, as canals ferried wealth to the emperor, they were richer. To commemorate riches, the boys bought silk pajamas.)
Finally Lambie enjoyed hearing people sing national songs, in casual groups in Fuxing Park to celebrate the holiday.

She can’t sing, but she joined the little children doing arts and crafts.

3 comments on “Lambie Goes to Shanghai

  1. Those are some pretty “surreal” shots of Lambie. I think you might have something there! Can’t wait to hear more. Do you get your regular emails?? Just curious if that is working. Thinking about you ALWAYS


  2. We have been trying our hardest to shelter Lambie from the many lamb restaurants, run by Moslems from Western China, on just about every streetcorner. ‘s hard because they all have the same decorative sign, which features pictures of lambs. ItProtecting her from finding out about this whole situation is one of our top priorities….And meanwhile, we just try to keep her busy.


  3. Jean Blumenfeld says:

    Ethan and Kenny,

    I really like your Lambie, she is very funny in every picture.

    This note is from Aidan, my Mom and my Grandmother.


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