Lambie is Sad

Sad Lambie

She doesn’t understand much about urban planning. She knows Beijing has tens of millions of people. Still, when she walked through an old hutong alley neighborhood and hit a construction site, Lambie was sad to see the razing of old Beijing.

2 comments on “Lambie is Sad

  1. Jean Blumenfeld says:

    Dear Lambie, I felt sorry for you yesterday when I discovered that you were feeling sad, walking in an old alley, only to discover construction at the end.! I too, feel sad when an old building, tree, etc. is taken down, but it does happen everywhere. In China, however, whatever is removed is very, very old and it seems it would make anyone SAD. When I finished my e-mail yesterday, well guess what, I couldn’t figure out how to send it!! An e-mail to Aunt Amy gave me the HOW TO DO on reaching you. You see, Lambie, I am OLD also, 80 and not young like you and Ethan and Kenny and your parents. Well, here I go, Lambie, one more try and then I am going to Quit and leave it to the young at heart.
    Aidan’s Grandma


  2. […] explains why it’s so bad, while chronicling the razing of Beijing’s few, precious, surviving old neighborhood alleys (or hutong). (It must be said […]


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