Hangin’ at a Hanging Monastery

By Ethan Coplan

Seen from below.

I really enjoyed the hanging monasteries because it looked really scary from the very top.


I really liked the view from different spots.

Filing through the cliff dwelling.

Since it was so freezing, people were wearing big green Chairman Mao army coats. It was really cold there because of the high altitude. We paid 20 kuai (about $3) to rent them. It was the best 20 kuai my mom ever spent.

The Xuankong Si hanging off Mount Hengshan was built in 491. We heard Taoist monks lived here until a few hundred years ago. Fall has arrived.

4 comments on “Hangin’ at a Hanging Monastery

  1. Marcie Chanin says:

    Hey Ethan,

    It is remarkable to be seeing photos of you walking around the Hanging Monastary and meditating with the Buddhas. I know that you are soaking it all in and learning more than you ever could have imagined learning in 3rd grade. WOW!!!

    Love from Ms. Chanin


  2. Eve Heyn says:

    Hi Ethan,

    The hanging monastary looks awesome! Glad it had a sturdy railing as it looks so high and on the edge. I bet those warm coats came in handy!

    Eve (Aren and Will’s mom). .


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  4. Very interesting place. Would love to visit and photograph this place in the future. Thanks for sharing.


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