The British Curriculum continued

By Kenny Coplan

Ok back to the curriculum. So we had International Day, you’re guessing, “Wow, its like Global Adventure.” But luckily we actually learned things and tasted real international food. Luckily we missed a WHOLE day of classes and explored the countries. And did I tell you that we didn’t have to do projects on countries. Instead of presenting our country to our parents, all the moms cooked traditional food and you had to dress traditionally and they presented their countries to us. Russia (their bread’s amazing), Finland (where Angry Birds is from), South Korea has good food.

So this is what I dressed up as: sagging skinny jeans, USA shirt, black hoodie, and backwards flat brim hat. So I went around like a gang member. It was fun.

Next you’d think, “Woo hoo, we got Sandy Hook for a day, awesome, the only trip the board has approved, ooh, it’s very educational.” What did we do? They gave us a talk, we had to collect shells, and we got to go fishing with a net for two minutes and got nothing. Well check this out. At the British School of Beijing our residential trip (a field trip) we’re going hiking in a rain forest, we’re going surfing, We’re going camping in a jungle and we’re going sailing. We’re taking a plane to an island off the south coast of China for FIVE days, FIVE DAYS. And guess what? We can actually get wet.

OK let’s get down to business so in school one of my teachers has some funny things to say. When the whole class got a question wrong he said, “You’re all idiots.” I don’t take it personally. He has a new nick name for a kid, it’s “The Boy Who Can’t Be On Time.” He gives him a lunch time detention every week. He says I”m way too tall and way too loud. He says I should combine with my friend who’s small and quiet.

Well that concludes for this but i can assure you the British Curriculum will continue, zai tien or bye.

7 comments on “The British Curriculum continued

  1. Ellen Cahill says:

    Kenny, in Montclair, the teacher would get sued for calling students “idiots,” ha ha!!!!

    I wish I could do your school trips here. I would if they let me!!!


  2. Jake Rich says:

    Can i move in with you


  3. Jacob Levy says:

    My teacher calls us ugly sheep and he picks on us and makes everybody say “Because I can.” He also tells us to remind him that every day.


  4. Eve Heyn says:

    Hi Kenny!

    A five-day school trip on an island??!! Wow! I’m sending Aren and Will to your school. Sounds fun! But with your teacher calling kids “idiot,” he’s either really mean or really funny: I hope the latter!



  5. Aunt Amy says:

    I love your blog posts! Xoxo


  6. Jean Blumenfeld says:


    like reading your notes to and from your New Jersey classmates. You make me smile and besides that I learn things!! Hi to Ethan………………..

    Aidan’s Grandmother


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