Devotion (Lambie Discovers Buddhism)

Lambie visited the Yung gang (“Cloud Ridge”) caves, and saw that devotion moved mountains.

Lambie was happy and astonished to see how Buddhism flourished here.

She learned that the ancient Silk Road passed by, carrying goods and gods. While trading foods and fabric, the road carried culture from India, flowing robes of Greek sculptures from Rome, artistry from Iran. Turkestani rulers, who unified northern China, embraced India’s Buddhism, and melded it all together. Here is a great world religion at its height.

Lambie is pumped to see what happens when great civilizations meld.

The giant Buddha caves of Bamyan, Afghanistan were destroyed. These remain, surviving 2,000 years of erosion, corrosive pollution, vandals, political attacks, and millions of visitors.

Lambie was sorry to see holes and some broken caves.

Lambie knows about Pharoahs. The giant Buddhas were Pharoanic in a way, offering worship to Buddha and glorifying the ruler.

Indian monks, Turkic kings, Hellenic motifs...yet distinctly Chinese Buddhism.

Lambie hopes to become more like Buddha by following his example: Meditation, morality, insight, generosity, patience, and kindness.

Lambie is happy.

3 comments on “Devotion (Lambie Discovers Buddhism)

  1. Kimberly says:

    I am just reading this for the first time and can’t believe how much you have seen already! I look forward to following your great adventure. Love to all of you.


  2. Jean Blumenfeld says:

    Saturday, October 22nd

    Lambie, I am learning so much from you. the yungang
    caves, the Buddist Message, which would do the whole WORLD so much good, and reference to the Silk Rd, which I have heard of from my friend who was in the Peace Corps in Uzbekistan and told me about it.
    I am so HAPPY to hear that you, Lambie are happy again! I want you to be HAPPY always.

    Aidan’s Grandmother


  3. Marianne Fung says:

    I happened to see this blog while I was researching on photos of ancient silk. How lovely to see your Lambie traveling and studying with you. Haha I feel so great! Now I know I am not the only person on earth to take my furry babies along on my expeditions. If you give me your email address, I will send you photos of my babies. Marianne Fung


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