Lambie’s Point of View

Hey! Stop mooning me!

By Ethan

Lambie thinks that tushies should not be legal in China! They should be put away!

Just kidding. Lambie says that tushies are fine in China and she doesn’t mind seeing them around. In America you’d probably get told off by the police for having tushies around. But tushies in China are just fine. It’s much less expensive than diapers, you just go wherever you feel, some babies don’t even wear pants! Lambie’s glad to have her tushy covered by all her wool. That is, if she had a tushy.

When Lambie grows up (that is, if she does), she wants to move back to China and she wants to become a lamb in a herd out in the countryside.


Lambie thinks that it’s time to go to bed.

3 comments on “Lambie’s Point of View

  1. Aunt Amy says:

    Goodnite Lambie goodnite Ethan xoxo


  2. Jake Rich says:

    Zach was chuckling over this. Zach says, “If Lambie could close his eyes then maybe he could sleep (almost).”


  3. Dad says:

    Block those buttocks! Talk about the wrong trousers. Now I understand better the meaning of the CCTV building in Chaoyang. I hope Lambie wasn’t too traumatized by the mooning/pooping boys.


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