Clothes! Clothes! Clothes!

Central Authority permits heat on Nov. 15. Till then, we’re trying. A fleece blanket, bought on the street ($5, autumnal, with text, “Leaf of flower Leaf of flower”) helps.

Since this is China, clothes are pretty easy. The ‘Zoo Market’ is opposite the animals. It’s also, in fact, a zoo: Five 7-storey buildings of factory-fresh flea market and plenty of shoving. Lacking stamina, I did one floor.

Luckily it's 'empty' midweek

Winterwear is here, in every color.

The tiny shorts (trimmed in fur) are THE hot look on campus among the under-20s.


Most tops are ungapotchka: “a Yiddish word that describes the overly ornate, busy, ridiculously over-decorated, and garnished to the point of distaste.” Leopard skin and glitter trim and mettalic chain and lace and some fur balls and giant black rhinestones and a panda adorn a single sweater. I’m not so big on adornment so it took a while…

Lace fringe, chain, panda

… but I scored 4 long, cozy sweaters and 2 pairs of pants, about $60 for the haul.

I save for another day the quilted, padded, embroidered, patterned, fur-lined story of Northern China’s incredibly elaborate long underwear. And the omnipresence of the panda applique.

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4 comments on “Clothes! Clothes! Clothes!

  1. Judy says:

    I can see it now – the Coplan family setting fashion trends on Bloomfield Ave. 🙂


  2. Deb says:

    I haven’t ever heard anyone use the word ‘ungapotchka’ outside of my family. I totally get it and yes, you’ve captured it beautifully in your pics. I’m thinking you’d look great in some of those furry short shorts and a panda/leopard sweater.


  3. Aunt Amy says:

    Freakin hilarious!! Better snuggle those boys!


  4. […] of innovation have clearly not seen northern-Chinese women’s longjohns stores (whole stores), remarked on earlier. The elaborate variety is hard to describe – shapes, colors, fabrics, amounts of padding, […]


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