Rethinking The British Curriculum (this may not be humorous)

By Kenny

“Celebrate good times come on, it’s a celebration doo doo dood o dodo.” ok, sorry for the wait. So I made a bet with my friend that I was on Google images so I seach it and I come up, there are about 10 or so pictures of me, but one is me booing Mao, I feel a lttle embarrassed. Then girls see me on the internet and then the tell other girls so what I’m blogging about gets around the whole year. The friend seaches on Google images “british school of beijing” and one of the first few pictures is me. I realized in some of my posts I had made fun of a few people. I had never realized it would come to this, that people would be reading it at my school.

Bottom line point after these a 140 words I have just written: I don’t want people at BSB to take this the wrong way. It’s a great school. I wasn’t saying anything bad about it. I was just comparing it in a rude, funny way to Montclair’s public schools. Sorry to bore you on confusions.

Let’s get to the jazz. I just got back from Guy Faulkes bonfire (the guy who tried to destroy the Parliament) so we get there. There is a bonfire, and what do you think, people playing full-contact rugby. Very fun. Then a real fireworks show, not some douchey anti-bulling assembly. No offense to the Montclair PTA.

When you go to an American public school, you might be thinking, ‘Is my son going to get bullied? Oh no my sweet pea is going to get scarred for life.’ ” Well you know all you worried American mums out there, you are sending your child to an American school that is going down the toilet. The teachers can’t do anything about it due to the fact that the town is going broke so they’re cutting world languages, the arts, PE, library, and aides!!!!!!!!!!!!Key things to learning!!!!!!!! Well at the British School of Beijing your child can’t get bullied because the bully would get caught and expelled.

Sorry if this isn’t funny. Just had to express my feelings this week. So bye bye.

2 comments on “Rethinking The British Curriculum (this may not be humorous)

  1. Della says:

    Kenny, I always enjoy your posts. They are an interesting mix of funny, observational, opinionated, and insightful. Plus, I like that in this post you apologize to those who might have taken offense but don’t over-apologize. Your opinion won’t please everyone after all, and it might become more nuanced or even radically change down the line. Keep writing, dude!


  2. maxineswartz says:

    loved your post comparing the British Curriculum to the woes of the Montclair system. Unfortunately many cuts are happening in school districts in the U.S. now. Keep up the posts.
    Some day you’ll put it all together for your first book.
    gramma max


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