Lambie’s Point of View

by Ethan

I just went to the Great Wall of China today. We went to the refurbished part (the part that’s been rebuilt and made so people can walk on it). I really enjoyed it.

We saw a donkey next to the Great Wall.

My favorite part was going down the toboggan on a slide that takes you down. The bad thing was, the lady in front of us either didn’t know how to move, or was really chicken and wouldn’t move.

On the way back I made a new friend. He’s a crocodile and his name is Joe. He’s a stuffed crocodile.

One comment on “Lambie’s Point of View

  1. Della says:

    Lambie, you have my sympathy. Having a slow-mover ahead of you really squelches the wild glee of a promising slide. And few things in life are as satisfying as a fast, smooth, long slide ride. It sounds like making a new friend helped with the disappointment, as friends often do.


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