Lambie’s Point of View 3


By Lambie
Ethan and I went and got a haircut. I got a nice scrub before they gave me the haircut and my wool felt so good. During the haircut, they snipped off my wool and I could see it falling to the ground. They put it in a bag, and sent it to homeless children to make coats. After that they gave me another scrub.

Like I said, it felt so good. They gave me a Chinese lamb haircut! Ethan had a nice Chinese person haircut. After that I felt nice and fresh and ready to be alive. You’ll see what Ethan’s looks like:

One comment on “Lambie’s Point of View 3

  1. Hi Jill, I read your blog ( on the election ) in Egypt , whose democracy is on the way, but internet is not censored as China was. Michael (qiao mu)


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