Beijing in Blue 今天北京蓝色

By Ethan

This blog is in Chinese.






Today Beijing was blue.
We went to the Drum and Bell Tower in Dongchen.
From the top, I saw where we live.
In the hutong, we bought an old abacus.
From the hutong, we went to a lake.

Lambie liked the blue day in the Beijing hutong.

NOTE: Thanks, Google Translate!

2 comments on “Beijing in Blue 今天北京蓝色

  1. lambie! so nice to see you enjoying beijing. i have an old abacus too. when i was a little girl, my dad used it in his chinatown shop. there were no calculators back then! no smart phones with calculator apps either! today, his abacus hangs on my bedroom wall, like a piece of art — which it is. i hope you enjoy yours. and isn’t that drum & bell tower amazing?


  2. Ying says:

    Hi Ethan!! (or Li Sen?) I’m here to see your blog. Nicely done! Do you know how to use the abacus? Hope you’re having fun in Chengdu now! — Xiao Huang~~


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