Class lunch. We talked a little about the Wukan demonstrations.

Frozen lake. The light is so different now.
Latkes & sufganiyot at Beijing’s Israeli restaurant. It’s impossible to find sour cream, applesauce, baking powder; thanks to Avi, owner of Bite A Pitta. (We talked with his son Bar, who attends Princeton).

Kids’ first-night gift: chops (signature seals).

So clear we saw stars tonight for the first time in China.

2 comments on “Hanukkah

  1. Aunt Amy says:

    Happy Hanukkah, glad you liked “bite a pitta!”
    We will all miss your latkes this year 😦
    Huggs from NJ


  2. Vivien O-S says:

    Have a wonderful Hanukkah and New Year!
    I’m thoroughly enjoying following your family’s adventure.
    And after what you’ve shared about some of the fascinating foods you’ve encountered, I’m glad you found an Israeli source for sufganiyot. ‘Cuz some of the “mystery fillings” you might have encountered… well, they’d have been ‘food’ for another great blogpost!


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