Iconic Chinese Images

The Li River, in the south, near Vietnam, is pictured on the 20 remnimbi note. Loved by poets, climbers, & right now — freezing cold and rainy — still atmospheric, with the crackle & boom of New Year‘s firecrackers echoing off the limestone cliffs day and night.

Farms and rice paddies along the Yulong river, a Li tributary. The villages have some structures from the Qing dynasty (1600s-1911). Other than all the farmers on cell phones and billboards for English schools, visually not that much has changed.

We cycled. I’m glad the boys are old enough to handle the muddy, rutted tracks and tough about the freezing rain. Feed them enough and they go.

Water buffalo, And a man herding geese. Didn’t see the buffalo in the water. I think it’s too cold.

Bamboo rafts are for transporting tourists (and their rented Trek mountain bikes). Locals use PVC plastic tubes lashed together, which must last longer than bamboo.

In both cases, the river is the road.

Women wash clothes in the river, and a grandma was doing childcare, putting an infant to sleep rocking the baby on her back. We also saw a lot of women working the fields, and drawing water from wells. Some of the younger ones doing it in 5-inch high heels — all the more remarkable because of the mud.

…This woman was selling New Year’s flower wreaths. (He bought one, gave it to me later, but said it was just for me to hold. It wasn’t actually FOR me.)

The roses in the center are made of folded shreds of plastic bags.

Happy Dragon Year.

2 comments on “Iconic Chinese Images

  1. adam says:

    amazing images jill!


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