More Foods I’ve Never Seen Before

In honor of Tu B’shvat! Happy holiday, trees and plants. We celebrate you tonight in at a Tu B’shvat seder in Beijing …and on Coplans in China!

A Citrus with Tentacles

Saw in Nanning, Guanxi

Green and Tortoise-Like

No idea.

Plum-Size With Stripes

Got me on these.

Like 7,000 Greens, None of Which Are Spinach or Cliantro

Greens for Sale Dali

These I have seen, but only in heirloom seed catalogs:

Beautiful Red Carrots

Red carrots

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One comment on “More Foods I’ve Never Seen Before

  1. The green tortoise-like thing is a custard apple.

    The citrus is often referred to as a Buddha’s hand.

    The ovoid item is a pepino


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