Superbowl at 6 a.m.

Bad parenting

I was dead-set against it but had a last-minute change of heart the night before and decided we’d be the world’s worst parents–or maybe the best–and let the kids, NY Giants fanatics, watch the Superbowl early Monday morning.

12-year-old bar fly

We don’t know any American football fans here–certainly not well enough to invite ourselves over at an ungodly hour (as I had inserted us, for Halloween trick-or-treating, into the Western gated compound of the lovely head here of Ogilvy, to whom I’m forever grateful). Superbowl Monday began with a 5 am wake-up, travel to Beijing’s expat-heavy East side (from our West side university district), and meeting our new friend, writer William Poy Lee, who hooked us up with neighborhood sports bar Paddy O’Shea’s. We got the last seats. Fan allegiance was evenly split. It was nice seeing all those Americans, remembering all the shapes, dress codes, colors, & and sizes we come in.

About a dozen Beijing bars besides O’Shea’s opened for the Big Game, broadcast by the Asian Sports Network (sadly: without the American ads!). Most charged a RMB100 ($16) cover, including eggs, coffee, and beer, so you could be drunk and alert for kick-off at 7:30. O’Shea’s was super nice & let the kids in free. By 10:30, before the incredible last minutes, they got Sprites and pizza.

Dressing on the subway

Go, Giants!

We were on the subway to the British School by 11:30. They pulled their uniforms over sports jerseys (Kenny wore Tuck), to stares and laughter from commuting Beijingers.

Please don’t tell the headmaster.

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5 comments on “Superbowl at 6 a.m.

  1. Della says:

    Definitely World’s Best Parents! Much of the vividness and learning from life arrives via stepping outside the boundaries of the expected. That’s one of the things you’re so great at. Plus, what a fun way to stay connected to home. The anecdote of the boys’ changing on the train is fabulous. At any rate, Kenny and Ethan would never have forgiven your allowing them to miss that game. You would’ve been disowned, rendering the question of what type of parents you are moot.


  2. We love you, Dealla.


  3. And we even know how to spell your name, sorry!!!!


  4. How fun to know of this! Felix got his explanation of what the superbowl was at dinner, and then we watched halftime. Francis wanted to watch some of the game, too, but after a while I said, off with the tube and on with piano. For first timers, 15 minutes of game is enough!


  5. Zach Rich says:

    If only that hail-Mary had been caught!!!


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