Bad Ideas–Like Bullets in Your Suitcase

Stupidest thing we’ve done: Checking Ethan’s toy airplane (swear, I thought it was brass tubes), in a suitcase & learning–while being briefly searched & detained at the airport–it was made of bullets.

Don't fly with bullets

We Blue-Eyed Devils aren’t so hated anymore. (The moniker dates to the Opium Wars; it actually is devilish to use addicting a country to heroin as a tactic for redressing a trade imbalance.) Now kids at KFC and McDonald’s, and young parents with toddlers enrolled in “Disney English” language schools wear all-American Abercrombie, Gap, Lauren, and Hilfiger. Or this:

So hot, so sexy

At Beijing’s Silk Market, where half (3/4?) the goods are pirated (Louis Vuitton bags for a few bucks, Adidas & Nikes for $20; new movies and DVDs for 80 cents), there’s a new sign of the times at the gate: Pirating is not OK! In place of enforcement, banners. Be Law-Abiding!

Protect Intellectual Property Rights!

Increase awareness!

P.S. We call him “Tongue Dog.” He lives on campus.

We love Tongue Dog

3 comments on “Bad Ideas–Like Bullets in Your Suitcase

  1. Jake rich says:

    Tounge dog is cute


  2. laurie fitch says:

    tongue dog IS cute. But seriously — brass tubes? Only you and David would not recognize small ammunition. Because if you had, I’m pretty sure you would never have let your kid play with the casings. Of course, had it been made out of a scud missile you would have been totally on it.


  3. Shannon says:

    Agreed both of the above – Tounge Dog is awesome!


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