Winter, Great Wall

By Kenny

Da Wei (big eater) and I went to the Wall today on a hike with Beijing Hikers. It was the first time it snowed this year.

Best time to go, you see the snow on the mountains. It was 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

3 comments on “Winter, Great Wall

  1. Aunt Amy says:

    Gorgeous !!! Not like the 60’s here today in Nj!


  2. Eve Heyn says:


    I can’t believe you went hiking in the snow on the Great Wall of China! Awesome! Amazing photos! I guess Mt. Marcy prepared you for it!
    Meanwhile, we’re running around in Prospect Park without jackets on an unusually warm, sunny spring-like day.


  3. […] How we saw the Wall, with a hiking group, but very, very few visitors do. It’s great, though, we saw its wild sections, in snow, in autumn color. All the more power to Beijing Hikers. But since when is this China’s […]


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