Way-out-Western (Chinese) Barbeque

Ethnic separatist politics are hot in the Western Xinjiang province, where I lectured.

But possibly hotter? Their barbequed lamb.

They have amazing spicy lamb kabob everywhere, sold from these beautifully decorated metal street stands. Here, photos of the grill masters, and the blacksmiths who make the lamb kabob kiosks, in the Uigur (a Turkic people) quarter of the capital city, Urumqi.

This is a nan (bread) oven.

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2 comments on “Way-out-Western (Chinese) Barbeque

  1. sujinyan says:

    I love Xinjiang food, and going to the restaurants here in Beijing. Kinda feel at home in them. My father is Armenian so I guess there is some Asiatic resemblance (my mother is European Jew).

    I’ve let my (Old Beijing) wife know that Xinjiang is somewhere I want to go this year. She’s a bit worried, since has bought into some of the negative stereotyping (She only agreed to go with me to “keep me out of trouble”).

    The pictures look absolutely fantastic!

    Do I need to do anything special (as an American) to go there? Any advice for Han Chinese thinking about traveling there?


  2. […] think I could hear this because of China. Lecturing in Xinjiang, spending two days with two Muslim women who were forbidden from going to the mosque, whose kids […]


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