Ethan’s Latest News

Today I went to a go-kart place called USpeed. In USPeed you get to do 6 minutes of racing around a track. You first go around a small curve, then you do a complete U-turn, then you go another U-turn the other way and then you do a zig-zag kind of thing. Then there’s a straightaway. Either you go racing around the track again, or if your time’s up you go back where you started. I went around 6 times.

There were some people who’d been driving maybe 10 years and they, for one thing, got a head start. And then they were really quick so at times, when they were coming up behind me, I would really do a strategy my mom told me, to slow down on the curves and then speed up while you’re going through. It worked to keep them away, for maybe a minute. Then they got past me.

There was one lady who got in front of me on a straightaway and made me do a 360 in my car and bang into the wall.

The next day, on this ride you got hooked up and it starts spinning around. At times you’re facing down, at times you’re acing up towards the sky. This was in a park called Chaoyang Park. There’s a peony garden there, and lots of children’s activities.

This is a Lego Great Wall of China.

Also in Chaoyang Park, it has a ropes course. First they teach you how to do it. You get 3 different hooks. There are colored cables where you hook your own carabiners. The guy spoke a little bit of English. There were 2 different ziplines – first you did your ropes course and then you’d climb to the top and take a zipline to the bottom. Then you did more course to the top and take a zipline again to the very bottom.

In other news, my dad left this Saturday.

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