Working Bikes of Beijing

Visiting one of the hutong areas, working bikes everywhere.

Ferrying plants.

(David left me his groovy mt. bike, but if I go down, there’s no one else here for the kids. It kills me not to ride…though outside the hutong, Beijing isn’t a biking city anymore. Cars, cars, cars – & lots of motorized scooters.)

They carried old TVs…

…books and tourists…

Hutong McDonald’s delivery…

And babies. Even in 2012 Beijing the hutong (what’s left of them) remain bike-friendly, even bike-dominated.

This photomural of Tiananmen is in a museum gift shop.

Here’s another kind of transportation…a spring week-end, Ethan drives a (slow) battery-powered boat on Houhai Lake, beside the hutong. Putting a child behind the wheel elicited frowns from other boating parents!

2 comments on “Working Bikes of Beijing

  1. aunt amy says:

    boys look great i want to hug them so badly!


  2. Thanks, sis!! They are great except Kenny has broken his finger so no sports, & no saxophone, just when the weather’s great and the big concerts of the year are coming up. I think we’re both in grief, altho only I will admit it!


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