Dirty Words Football

Chinese soccer fans are big on dirty words. Guoan is Beijing’s soccer team, and national champions, much beloved. Imagine tens of thousands–some small children–screaming this all night: “Guoan [pointing at the field]! Sha bi [pointing at the other side]!” Rough translation: “Guoan fucks them!’ I understand it to literally mean, “Yeah, Guoan! The other side is a stupid vagina!”

The kids have been pleading for Gusan tickets. Great friend Vincent got us tickets to last night’s game vs. Dalian (northern industrial coastal city). They cost about $16.

Note: instead of tossing beach balls in the stands, as at Met games, oh the innocence, here the items of choice for hitting around the stadium are inflated condoms. Guo, by the way, means nation. An means peace.

I don’t know if there’s a history of hooliganism but Dalian fans got their own fenced cage, surrounded by riot police. Riot squads also ringed the field and the sidewalk outside.

My friend of 23 years, Bill Hoffman, joined us, visiting from Ho Chi Minh City where he travels for work. Good to see you, Bill!

2 comments on “Dirty Words Football

  1. Chloe says:

    well i just wrote a blog on jingma and here i found yours:D


  2. […] !,   precisely unpack, I’m delighted to say, TWO of our big life-in-China mysteries. (1)  soccer vulgarity, which we pondered in “Dirty Words Football,” featuring tiny tots screaming […]


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