Chaoyang Birthday

Look at that haze: Air Quality Index: 200+

Super-hot bad air day for the rescheduled 9th birthday party. Thunder storm with lightning held off until an hour after. Chaoyang Park, ‘Beijing’s Central Park,’ has forest trails, boat rentals, sand beach, science museum…and amusement park. We had a suitcase of food, & donuts because anything frosted would melt.

Meeting place: Mod weird south gate

The adorable boys are from England, China, Australia, and Mexico. Some don’t like the feeling of g-force, some aren’t tall enough for the big rides. We tried to compromise to do most rides together.

…like a smaller roller coaster…

Everyone likes bumper cars…

Rides are embossed prominently, “Made in China.”

The Classic Flying Swing

Bless Andy’s mom Sai for coming, she made runs for bottled water, we went through more than 30; herded them from behind, and got group discounts by bargaining in Chinese at the ticket booths. They’re adorable and Ethan’s going to miss them. Stay in touch, please, Rowan, Riley, Max, and Andy, wherever in the world your families go!

Third grade buddies, Chaoyang Park, Beijing.

Ethan will miss you guys.

5 comments on “Chaoyang Birthday

  1. Doris says:

    Happy Birthday Ethan! This is one birthday you’ll never forget.
    Aunt Doris and Family


  2. Ryan Phariss says:

    Hey Ethan!

    How is it in China? The temples you have seen look really cool! I bet the language was hard to learn and unusual at the beginning. How do you write your name in Chinese? My teacher is Mrs. Patel (Buch). What is your teacher’s name? I recently watched a Tom & Jerry movie on a big screen projector in my backyard. It was pretty cool and set-up was quick. I remember watching Kungfu Panda 2 at your house last summer. I thought I would write to you since I miss you. I am wondering when you will be coming home? I would like to see you when you come home. Hope you enjoyed your birthday party! How were the bumper cars? They looked fun to me! Oh, we recently got a trampoline which is fun. That’s all for now.

    Your friend,
    (my mom typed this for me while I talked)


    • Ryan,
      My mom is also typing this while I’m talking. The bumper cars were very fun except there was a type that was very hard to steer. My teacher’s name is Ms Roman but then with 3 months left in the year Ms Hewett became my teacher, she’s from Brazil, because one of the teachers had to go back to Britain.
      How was the “Tom & Jerry” movie?
      I’m coming home on July 3rd. Will you be there, can we see fireworks with your family?
      Can’t wait to see you again.
      It’s getting tiring after a while seeing so many temples.
      I’ll be back at Bradford. I hope I’m in your class.



      • Ryan says:

        The Tom & Jerry movie was good. That’s excellent you are coming back so soon! I think my family will be going to the fireworks this year since my sitter is old enough. Can’t wait to see you and have a playdate.



  3. jan prokop says:

    looks like a really cool party!


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