Granddad, Janni Shoot China

Shooter, shot

Amazing and rare when your grandparents visit you in China.

Shooting Suzhou St., in the Summer Palace

They shot lots of pictures. About 14,000 between them. They’ll only keep 8 or 9. Those’ll be some damn good pictures! Granddad published this book of his work, My Depth of Field, for charity. Stupendous landscapes. Artwork.

They’re extremely good.

They don’t think shooting themselves is interesting. In China, they captured clouds over Huang Shan, misty rice paddies, temple ruins, faces. By the way they stop so often, we’re made to think more about what we’re seeing.

Forbidden City

Finally they rested over hotpot!

One comment on “Granddad, Janni Shoot China

  1. Donald Hamburg says:

    The actual number of photos was about 9,000 and we will need a month to review and edit; hope to get 30-50 good ones. Of course part of the reason to shoot is to slow down and look carefully at the subjects. China has an unlimited number of wonderful people and places to photograph. We had a spectacular time with our family on the Great Wall and in Forbidden City and other beautiful places. An unforgettable trip to Hong Kong, Shanghai, Xian and Beijng. Also visited 3 national parks of amazing beauty.

    Donald and Jan


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